KH-TE066 cubilose safety analyzer

KH-TE066 cubilose safety analyzer is a intelligent rapid tester and detector (360x300x125mm, up to 10 channels), designed to rapidly test, detect, analysis whether the percentage of elements: nitrite, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, heavy metals lead in cubilose is up to the standard level.

Ø         Adopting new advanced design, small size to be easy to be carried away. No mechanical moving parts, anti-interference, anti-vibration, high accuracy, long life span.

Ø         Big LED screen display, good and easy operation screen, easy and intuitive to read data.

Ø         Adopting USB and RS232 interface, easy to store and download the data to PC;

Also can communicate with PC to read, analyze, statistic, print the testing data for further analysis

Ø         Can automatically check the system errors, with high intelligence.

Ø         Can automatically store the testing data. Big built in memory capacity for long memory

Ø         Built-in mini printer can print the real time data.

Ø         Built in big capacity rechargeable battery for 4 hour continual work when no external power supply.

Ø         Offering complete enclosure, beautiful and durable aluminum carton box for package.

Ø         Easy and convenient sample preparation. Not more than 4 kinds of testing kits for sample testing.


Ø       Input channels no.: 10 channels can be configurable flexibly, light source sampling,

Ø       Sample testing: Multi samples can be tested simultaneously; each sampl[1]e is tested and controlled by program, isolated, without interface for each other.

Ø       Absorbance light ratio range: 0.000 to 4.000

Ø       Repeatability: ± 0.1% (A) ; Repeatability error: absorbance ratio≤ 0.003 (A)

Ø       Stability: photoelectric drift in 3 minutes: ± 0.002 (A)

Ø       Absorbance ratio accuracy: ± 2 .0% ; Linear error: ±1.0%

Ø       Printing type: thermal printing


Testing Elements

Low  Range

Testing Range

Testing Elements

Low  Range

Testing Range




hydrogen peroxide



sulfur dioxide



heavy metal lead



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